About Baltic Environmental Forum

The Baltic Environmental Forum (BEF) was set up as technical assistance project in 1995 to strengthen cooperation of the Baltic States in the field of environmental policy and later to assist in the EU accession process. Multi-stakeholder seminars, trainings and information days have been the key tools for meeting these objectives. Since its inception, the BEF has organized over 500 events, gathering national environmental administrations, industries, experts, scientific institution and municipalities of Estonia, Latvia and Lithuania. Thematic focus is on EU accession policy in environmental sector in inter-sectoral cooperation (e.g., environment and transport; environment and health). With EU accession the technical assistance projects ended in December 2004.

However, to keep the networks active and to implement more projects in the Baltic Sea Region the BEF team has founded in 2003 NGOs in Latvia, Estonia, Lithuania and Germany. As an NGO, the BEF - Latvia is continuing to facilitate a Baltic dialog, but act as well on national level in Latvia - networking stakeholders, organising seminars and training to them, providing expertise. The focus remains on such environmental issues as nature conservation, water policy, waste management, climate change, energy, and chemicals policy. On this home page you find information on both, the activities under the technical assistance projects as well as the new NGOs.

Management of Baltic Environmental Forum

The executive body of the association "BEF Latvia" is the Board consisting of four board members elected by the Annual General Assembly of members.
The current composition of the Board is as follows:
Kristīna Veidemane - Chairperson of the Board
Ingrīda Brēmere - Deputy chairperson of the Board
Daina Indriksone - Member of the Board
Anda Ruskule - Member of the Board