Developing concepts for innovative and energy efficient construction of new buildings

Project background and objectives The project is intended to mark the initial point of a larger programme of measures of the Baltic Environmental Forum Group for fostering the development of energy saving construction of new buildings in the Baltic States. The overall objective of this project is to lay the basis for integrated planning in the region. The necessary prior actions to achieve this target shall themselves in detail aim at the following five goals:
 Fostering successful best-practice adaptation concepts: To foster a successful adaptation concept for best-practice of energy efficient buildings/houses in the Baltic States from Germany and Western Europe;
Understanding the knowledge gaps of construction-related stakeholders: To understand the real knowledge gaps among construction experts (architects, engineers, craftsmen, and other related stakeholders and developing an appropriate training concept to fill these gaps;
Development of a strategy to guide consumer patterns: The development of a strategy which shall tap into the slowly changing consumer behaviour, raising their awareness and understanding for saving energy;
 Strengthening local capacities: The capacities of local experts among the BEF network with regard to the previously mentioned topics shall be raised to broaden and deepen foundation for sustainable knowledge sources in the region;
Ensuring uninterrupted sustainability by planning further steps to for implementation of the results
 Preparation of a publication of the best practice adaptation concepts
Study on building best practice in the Baltic States: status quo and recommendations
Publication "Improving the energy efficienty of building"  
National meetings with trainers and experts
Target group Architects, Craftsmen, Politicians, NGOs, and clients willing to built a new house Lead Party Baltic Environmental Forum, Germany
 Project partners: Baltic Environmental Forum, Latvia Baltic Environmental Forum, Estonia Baltic Environmental Forum, Lithuania Riga Energy Agency, Latvia Auraplan, Germany