Online course “The Eco-Recycler” for Workers in the Field of Waste Management (BLES)

The EU-funded project BLES develops a new qualification for workers in the field of waste management, who have to manage organic waste fractions.
 The learning concept The course is structured according to a Blended Learning concept. That means, the participants learn on a learning platform, via Internet, and additionally attend one attendance seminar/workshop for every learning unit at a local (national) training centre. The online-units follow the principles of open-distance-learning courses. They include the learning targets, the contents with exercises and self-learn questions at the end of each unit. If the test at the end of the unit has a positive result, the learner may start with the next learning unit. At the end of the whole course there is a written test to certify the qualification.
 The learning targetgroup workers and technical employees of waste management companies, waste management agencies and local environment authorities, unemployed persons with technical qualification searching a job in the field of waste management services. The learning units offer statistical facts about the accrual, the source, the quantity and the composition of biological waste, the natural scientific basics of chemical, physical and biological correlations of organic waste, the principles of the processes to handle waste fractions and specific technologies to collect, transport waste as well as the different treatments of biodegradable waste in the different countries. The participants will also have a look into the basic structure of the EU legislation, the national rights and the local regulations to give a safe frame for working in this branch.
 The learning program contains 6 learning units:
Unit 1: Sources and quantities of organic waste
Unit 2: Composition and characteristics of organic waste
Unit 3: Legislative basics
Unit 4: Logistic, collection and transport of biodegradable waste fraction
Unit 5: Treatment of biodegradable waste
Unit 6: Climate protection - potentials of organic waste