Enhancement of Green Infrastructure in the Landscape of Lowland Rivers (ENGRAVE)

The common challenge faced by the project partners is to ensure efficient management of green infrastructure created by lowland rivers of the bordering region, where the status of river ecosystems and landscapes is not fully satisfactory. To find out more - please read project's informative leaflet.

Project aims to enhance river-based green infrastructure by integrating ecosystem and landscape concepts in to the planning and integrated management of the lowland rivers at local and regional scale. This will be achieved by strengthening cooperation between public authorities and stakeholders and supporting local and regional authorities with know-how by implementing measures and practices to enhance river based green infrastructure.

The project main activities:
- establish cooperation via the Stakeholder Panel and training components on landscape and green infrastructure planning and management;
- elaborate Methodology for Regional Landscape and Green Infrastructure Planning in Lowland Areas: available here
- develop four Landscape and Green Infrastructure Plans (Zemgale Planning region, Bauska municipality, Svete catchment; Biržai Town);
- implement different type measures/actions for enhancing green infrastructure at different locations in the cross border area.

A variety of communication products and involve local stakeholders in the project public activities will be prepared and disseminated. As the results partners and targeted stakeholders will have cooperated in developing and testing a new ecosystem and landscape-based approach for integrated planning and management of the lowland rivers.

The project will have direct positive impact of sustainable development as it supports the implementation of the Programme’s Priority I related to resource efficiency and environmental friendly behavior. Moreover, the maintenance of green infrastructure requires integration of ecological, cultural, economic and societal perspectives into planning and management. These perspectives form the key pillars of the sustainable development where the multiple effects shall be considered in policy development planning and implementation.

The collaboration between the two countries in development of joint methodology and approaches for lowland river landscape management would not only strengthen co-operation, experience exchange and mutual benefits in the planning process, but also create better opportunities for future joint actions in maintenance the common assets of the lowlands in the border region, including biodiversity, landscape and the green infrastructure supporting it.

This information  has been produced with the financial assistance of the European Union. The contents of this information is the sole responsibility of Baltic Environmental Forum-Latvia and can under no circumstances be regarded as reflecting the position of the European Union.




Total eligable budget

583 300.34 EUR (ERDF co-financing 495 805.26 EUR)

Project partners

Lead partner
Zemgale planning region

Project partners
Baltic Environmental Forum-Latvia
Jelgava local municipality
Bauska Local Municipality Council
Rundale Local Municipality 
Biržai district municipality administration
Directorate of Biržai Regional Park
Directorate of Zagare regional Park

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Kristīna Veidemane
Environmental expert
Tel. 00371 6735 7551