Welcome to INTENSSS-PA Project data base

The main aim of INTENSSS-PA Project is to develop and implement institutional and human capacity building process related to sustainable energy planning and energy projects implementation.  Generally, project is addressed to public authorities and other stakeholders (e.g. organizations form different level of governance, NGOs, etc.) in order to support them to move on innovative energy planning through multi-level communication, interdisciplinary decision-making process. One of main project activities was to collect information about integrated sustainable energy solutions mostly from all 7 Project areas (Latvia- Zemgale region, Italy – Calabria, Spain - Castilla y León, Netherlands - Groningen , Greece  -  Karditsa,  Slovenia  - Pomurje, Denmark - Triangle Region) including examples from other territories. Results from this activity was collected in   Project Database.

INTENSSS-PA Web-based Information Platform’s Database of Practice in a structured way provides the existing knowledge (e.g. case-studies, training materials, methods, etc.) related to the integration of energy as a theme into spatial planning and physical and socio-economic landscapes that have been identified through a systematic review within INTENSSS-PA project and the INTENSSS-PA outcomes. The aim of the INTENSSS-PA Information Platform is fourfold:

  • to be utilized as a capacity building tool by the public authorities and other stakeholders aiming to implement integrated sustainable energy planning;
  • to assist the establishment and operation of the Regional Living Labs (e.g. provision of guidelines and examples);
  • to serve as a dissemination tool of INTENSSS-PA outcomes and results facilitating the effective communication and spread both of the collected and the produced knowledge;
  • to act as brainstorming and inspiration tool for public authorities and other stakeholders aiming to support the energy transition and regional development.

Two major functionalities are foreseen within INTENSSS-PA Information Platform: The first functionality (External Exploitation) focuses on the exploitation of the training materials and case studies outside of the INTENSSS-PA project, as collected within the project and through a systematic review, analysis and recording process. The available data can be identified using four different types of searching; by: the country of origin, specific keywords, various keywords (open search) and pre-specified topics.  It should be highlighted that potential information about case studies in specific regions can be retrieved utilizing both the searching options of Countries and Open Search with the prerequisite that the corresponding information is available.
The second functionality (Internal Exploitation) intends to the exploitation of the produced materials within the framework of INTENSSS-PA project. In particular, the aim of the second functionality is to act as a simplified Decision Support System fostering the potential user to utilize both of the developed methodological approach and the produced materials for the seven involved regions.
The database currently consists of 134 case studies and 189 training materials (e.g. methodologies, tools, presentations, etc.) related to integrated sustainable energy planning. While project activities, the database is continuously enhanced with INTENSSS-PA outputs and other related materials.

INTENSSS-PA project is funded under the 2015 call of HORIZON 2020 Program.