Capacity building on European Union Environmental Policy at Latvian regional and local Authorities

 Target group: Latvian regional and local authorities. 
 Main goal of the Project: set to strengthen the capacity within the regional and local (environmental) administration for the implementation and enforcement of requirements. 
Specific objectives:

 • providing the information and experience exchange on challenges and solutions for enforcement of environmental policy requirements between “new” and “old” EU member states; • providing/up-dating with background knowledge on the main environmental legislation policy fields (e.g. waste management, water policy, air quality, energy resources, mobility, etc.);
• to grow own capacities in municipalities to environmental project preparation and have deeper discussions/training on the topics which have brought new challenges for local authorities in the environmental field, like water policy and waste management;
• to facilitate the public information and awareness rising on environmental issues at localities;
• to facilitate the Baltic cooperation of municipalities and regions through information and experience exchange at joint meetings;
• to strengthen the cooperation among Latvian and German environmental experts, for example by building up partnerships between Latvian and German local authorities, e.g. through study visits to NRW. Counter visit of the German/NRW delegation to Latvia shall back up the partnerships.
• 3 Stakeholder seminars on environmental topics,
• Trainings on environmental topics
 • 2 Trainings on administrative capacity
• Latvian local authorities to Germany/NRW
 • German/NRW municipalities to Latvia
• 2 Baltic meetings on environmental topics
• Seminar „Linking various environmental aspects in strategic development planning at municipalities“
• 4 publications