Experience exchange on habitat management among Baltic LIFE-Nature projects

The main objective
of the project: to promote the quality of management and implementation of LIFE-Nature projects dealing with management of Natura 2000 sites through co-operation and exchange of experience among the existing and prospective project implementers in Baltic countries. 

The specific objectives of the project and the activities that ensured their fulfillment:

1. Exchange of experience and know-how on management of particular habitat types by organizing seminars on specific habitats supplemented with relevant site visits were the key instrument for reaching the objective.
2. Supporting projects on management of Natura 2000 sites through providing background information and recommendations on methods for management of particular habitat types and monitoring of project results. 
An extensive background paper, the core medium for reaching this objective, was prepared for each of the seminars. The work was contracted to a Baltic expert with a track record of expertise on particular habitat types.
3. Reviewing and evaluating LIFE-Nature projects in the Baltic States, drawing conclusions from the experience of these projects and elaborating recommendations for the future projects on management of habitats of the Community importance; distributing the publication widely among nature conservation stakeholders in the Baltic States and the EU  A final publication serves to meet this objective; conceptual preparatory work was carried out throughout the first half of the project, while information gathering, writing and printing was performed in the second half. 



Project financed by

European Union  LIFE-Nature Co-op programme

Project implemented by

Lead partner
Baltic Environmental Forum-Latvia

Baltic Environmental Forum-Estonia
Baltic Environmental Forum-Lithuania

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