Financing Trends for NATURA 2000

The general aim of the project was building the financial capacity of nature conservation stakeholders in Latvia for managing Natura 200 sites. The project has successfully contributed to this goal through analysing financing possibilities for managing Natura 2000 sites, reviewing different financial programmes for period from 2007 – 2013, possibilities what they offer and shortcomings.

The project has involved various stakeholders from Latvia in charge for management of Natura 2000 sites, e.g. administrations of protected areas, municipalities, nature conservation NGOs, farmers and foresters organisations, individual landowners, etc., raised their awareness about availability of different funding instruments, activated discussion on priorities and actions to be covered by national financing programmes.

 The specific objectives of the project:
 • To bring the European debate on Natura 2000 financing policy to the local nature conservation stakeholders. Since project implementation started more than one year later as foreseen in the project application, the situation with regard to Natura 2000 financing policy has changed – the debate form European level has moved to national level. Therefore at this stage more essential was to discuss the national programming of EU support for activities targeted at management of Natura 2000 sites and to bring this discussion, ongoing at the decision makers’ level, to wider round of the concerned stakeholders.
• To review the current Latvian national programming for financing of Natura 2000. The project has reviewed the draft national programmes of major financial instruments (Rural development Programme, ERAF financing for infrastructure development in Natura 2000 sites, LIFE + and EEZ and Norwegian financing instrument) – priorities and supported activities of these funding programmes, as well as conditions and eligibility criteria to obtain the funding, etc. Opportunities and shortcomings of these programmes have been discussed and proposals from discussions were submitted to the relevant authorities.
 • To promote flexibility and creativity in attracting funding for Natura 2000 management and to stimulate long-term involvement of local stakeholders. The project has provided an overview on different possibilities for attracting funding for Natura 2000, highlighting conditions and possibilities with each of the programmes, thus encouraging creative approach in applying available funding sources.



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