Development and institutional implementation of a trans-national monitoring system for hazardous waste streams in the Baltic Sea Region (Baltic Haz Control)

The key project objective is to integrate the crucial issues of hazardous waste stream management and best practice waste infrastructure planning into the Baltic Sea Region spatial planning agenda and thereby provide sustainable waste stream management within the new BSR Economic Development Framework.
This is underlined by the specific objectives of the five work packages:
Link uncoordinated waste information resources and reporting formats within a uniform, dynamic inventory structure
Build a regional communication platform to strengthen the coordination and inspection functions of the national waste authorities in respect of waste handling and treatment
Assess best practice options for priority waste streams and accelerate their introduction in the BSR through stakeholder networking
Introduce a regional perspective on the ongoing development of national and area waste management plans by means of a Regional Guidance Framework for waste management planning; disseminate the Framework to investors
 Institutionalize the initiated process by creating the Baltic Waste Management Council equipped with a fully functional information platform
The integration of sustainable hazardous waste management into the spatial development of the BSR will be enabled by the systematic development and delivery of key project outcomes. Together these form the operative framework and the information resources needed to provide institutional effectiveness in waste stream management and waste infrastructure planning throughout the BSR:
Regional mapping of hazardous waste streams: arisings, deposits, transport modes and routes and final destinations (HazWaste Inventory)
Practical and institutional implementation of EU waste legislation into national regulations
Aligned BSR hazwaste data management, uniform monitoring, waste tracking and reporting systems
 Region-wide networking on hazardous waste enrolling key stakeholders
Consensus on and dissemination of best practice options for treatment and handling of specific waste streams
Listing and assessment of capacities of hazardous waste facilities within the BSR
Regional guidance framework for national waste management infrastructure planning
Road map for infrastructure investment
Great emphasis will be made on providing high-quality waste stream data. The database is designed to offer investors reliable planning data and at the same time target investments to the real needs of the Region.
 The projected institution building is of a transnational nature pooling resources in both East and West BSR and is designed to implement the ERDF programme to install a degree of regional environmental management cohesion hitherto unrealized in Western European states.