European Waste Sector Assistant (EUWAS)

The project EUWAS focuses on the efficient use of existing public data for effective cross-border data management in the waste sector through establishing a platform that assist the waste sector. This guarantees transparency and easy access to relevant databases and information. Through intelligent collection and suitable preparation of existing waste databases EUWAS provides the following services: partner search and supplier forums, step by step guides with user friendly instructions for handling data, developing waste management plans and preparing tenders in the waste sector. A pilot implementation evaluates and guarantees the portal´s practicability. Target groups for EUWAS will be local and regional authorities as well as the waste industry, especially SMEs. The development of a suitable Business Model guarantees the efficient application of revenue creating mechanism such as personalised access, training measures and advertising.
 The main objective of the project EUWAS is to provide public and private actors on local and regional levels in the countries of the European Union with up-to-date information on all relevant aspects of waste management. The project mainly focuses on the structured compilation and dissemination of data which are needed for daily work in the bodies related to the waste sector. EUWAS helps to spread high quality information and, thus, narrows the information gap existing within Europe. EUWAS helps to overcome the unfortunate situation of heterogeneous data collection and insufficient use of available high quality data. As a result, this cross-border service enhances the quality of decision-making, improves competitiveness and helps to find adequate solutions when implementing waste management measures in the respective municipalities and regions. In order to accomplish these objectives, the portal EUWAS will offer several tools which all make use of data sources in different European countries. The databases need to fulfil strict quality criteria to ensure their availability, reliability and quality in form and content. Each of the tools intends to provide the user with specialised services and methods for practical use in waste management. This comprises planning, monitoring and logistic tasks.
Tool A "Virtual Supplier and Partner Forum" gives the user the opportunity to present and to search for the companies´ product portfolios and to find partners for joint projects
Tool B "Tender Information" provides public tender information to assist public and private stakeholders in preparing applications/tenders or call for tenders.
Tool C "Best Practice / Best-Technology Information" provides a sound selection of publicly available technologies and best practices.
Tool D "Waste Management Plans" provides a sound selection of relevant national and European publicly available databases to assist staff of public authorities on local and regional level in preparing waste management plans.
Tool E “GIS Data for logistic Planning in Waste Management” demonstrates the use of Geographical Information Systems for planning purposes and logistic aspects.
Besides the development of the different tools, a main working field will be supporting the target group by means of "step by step guides" and help modules to implement the tools in daily work. These guides and modules present the users comprehensive support for different themes such as approval procedures, preparing EU tenders and waste management plans. For more information, please visist the project website: