Transnational River Basin Districts on the Eastern Side of the Baltic Sea Network (TRABANT)

The Baltic Environmental Forum is one of the partners for the INTERREG IIIB funded project , implemented July 2005-December 2007.
 The target of the planned work in the TRABANT project is to improve premises for the integration of significant ecological and management aspects, including spatial development, in the Eastern BSR area. T
he project concentrates on cross-regional co-operation between EU countries and also with non-EU countries in the RBs of Vuoksi, Narva, Daugava and Nemunas. Consequently, the project compares, evaluates and tests methods and tools to be used in the key tasks in RB analysis and management especially taking into account transnational issues. Results of active development and projects are available. That is why there is not so much need of new tools, but need of common approaches and practical evaluation and testing of available methods.
 A good basis for RBM is needed in the next few years. Without successful cross-sectoral involvement of stakeholders, end-users and the general public it will not be relevant to develop issues in sustainable water management. The project provides an excellent opportunity for stakeholders to change ideas and develop their co-operation. Public participation practises and dissemination of information will be given particular attention in the project. The project results will include recommendations and a guide book of RBM approaches for transboundary waters, practicable in the BSR area as well as in other European regions. The project is lead by Finnish Environment Institute (SYKE).