Cross-border cooperation on integrated nature and water resource management between Bauska and Biržai districts (INAWARE)

Due to implementation of the EU nature conservation and water management policies, Latvia and Lithuania face similar challenges today. The EU Member States have been assigned new tasks in these fields - setting up EU network of nature protected areas called NATURA 2000; developing river basin management plans, planning of local nature conservation measures, etc. Now regional and local authorities have a role to play in practical implementation of the nature conservation and water management policies by participating and contributing to various planning processes.
 The overall objective of the project is to strengthen cooperation among Bauska and Biržai regions for better nature and water management through integration of these issues in planning processes.
• To exchange experience and develop common approaches for protected nature areas and water resources management;
• To enhance cooperation between local and regional municipalities, as well as other state institutions, NGOs in Bauska and Biržai districts;
• To promote integrated planning approach by incorporating nature protection and water management concerns in planning documents;
• To demonstrate nature conservation and water management measures;
 • To promote awareness of society in nature and water values. The activities of the project: The project activities will be organised in Bauska and Biržai regions. Workshops: • Management of protected territories in cross-border areas
• Integration of Nature and Water Resource Management Requirements in Spatial Planning documents
• Final workshop "Opportunities and future developments”
• Public discussion forum on amendments for spatial plans
• Discussion forums with youth The case/feasibility studies: • Management plan for Nature park “Bauska”
• 4 demonstration sites for a clean up of river banks in Bauska City, Ceraukste parish, Rundale parish and Biržai municipality
• Reconstruction of lock-gate (Ceraukste)
• Restoration of lake habitats (Biržai)
Lead party: Bauska District Council
Project partners: Baltic Environmental Forums, Latvia Bauska City Council Rundāle Parish Council Ceraukste Parish Council Baltic Environmental Forum, Lithuania Biržai Tegional Park Biržai District Municipal Administration