Water quality improvement measures within cross-border Lielupe river basin management

Duration: 01.09.2009 – 01.12.2010
 Supported by grant from Norway through the Norwegian Financial Mechanism
Partners: the project is being realized in the Lielupe river basin territory cross-border regions, involving 5 partners from Latvia: Zemgale planning region, Baltic Environmental Forum, Jelgava district council, Bauska town council, Gailisi municipality council and 2 partners from Lithuania: Birzai regional park and Pakruojis district.
 General aim: sustainable nature resource use in Lielupe river basin.
Specific aims:
 Surface water quality improvement in Lielupe river basin, reducing the site-related contamination sources;
Knowledge improvement on water quality, contamination and its sources for Lielupe river basin inhabitants in Latvia and Lithuania;
Cross-border (Latvia-Lithuania) cooperation promotion, application of experience and solution of joint issues, improving surface water quality in Lielupe river basin.
 Direct target groups of the project and related actions are:
 Lielupe river basin inhabitants (informative materials on surface water quality and contamination, liquidation of particular contamination sources, cleaning of overgrown river sites, river bank facilitation)
environmental experts, municipality staff (seminars on water quality, project results, methods in river cleaning)
youth (environment education summer camp).