Joint management measures for waters in the Lielupe river basin border region (GrandeRio)

Overall objective: To improve environmental status in the Lielupe river basin by implementing joint measures targeted to management of water resources in the border region.


  •  to strengthen planning of water related public services in the bordering settlements in the Lielupe river basin;
  • to increase environmental awareness of society by gained information, knowledge and skills in the management of water resources;
  • to improve water and nature conditions and use of resources in the Lielupe river basin.

Project target groups: inhabitants in Bauska, Dobele, Rundale, Biržai and Pakruojis municipalities; local municipalities; schoolchildren and students; Ministry of Environment/River Basin Management Authority in Latvia and Lithuania; NGOs representatives; Latvian and Lithuanian readers of the information on web page.

 Project leaflet in LAT, LIT and ENG.



Project partners

Lead partner
Zemgale planning region

Project partners
Baltic Environmental Forum-Latvia
Bauska Local Municipality Council
Dobele Local Municipality Council
Rundale Local Municipality Council
Directorate of Biržai Regional Park
Pakruojis Distict Municipality Administration
Baltic Environmental Forum - Lithuania

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More information

Kristīna Veidemane
Environmental expert
 Tel. 00371 6735 7551