Joint management measures for waters in the Lielupe river basin border region (GrandeRio)

Project duration: 01.01.0211 – 30.11.2012
Project financed by: Latvia-Lithuania Cross Border Cooperation Programme under the European Territorial Cooperation Objective (2007-2013).
 Project lead partner: Zemgale planning region. Project partners: Baltic Environmental Forum-Latvia, Bauska Local Municipality Council, Dobele Local Municipality Council, Rundale Local Municipality Council, Directorate of Biržai Regional Park, Pakruojis Distict Municipality Administration, Baltic Environmental Forum - Lithuania
Overall objective: To improve environmental status in the Lielupe river basin by implementing joint measures targeted to management of water resources in the border region.
 to strengthen planning of water related public services in the bordering settlements in the Lielupe river basin;
 to increase environmental awareness of society by gained information, knowledge and skills in the management of water resources;
 to improve water and nature conditions and use of resources in the Lielupe river basin.
Project target groups: inhabitants in Bauska, Dobele, Rundale, Biržai and Pakruojis municipalities; local municipalities; schoolchildren and students; Ministry of Environment/River Basin Management Authority in Latvia and Lithuania; NGOs representatives; Latvian and Lithuanian readers of the information on web page.